Deciding the right job is never easy but the very things that we think can pose as obstacles may be stepping stones to our path of success.

Look beyond your current circumstances and your family background or use that as fuel for achieving your goal.

Rohit Borana has done that, even you can! Read his story.

Hello! This is Rohit Borana. I am from Rajasthan and I have done B.Tech. in Mechanical in 2015. My Papa works as an accountant in a private firm. If you are from Mechanical Engineering background and that too from Jodhpur, then there are lesser possibilities to get a job in companies.

I was working as an Assistant in the Training and Placement cell of my Engineering college. The problem is that you don’t get sufficient time in college to prepare and also I would not get any leave approvals. So I decided to go for a career in Banking, where if you prepare for 5 – 6 months then you can definitely crack it.

I applied for various exams but could not appear for the same. And then, I left my college. After 3-5 days, I started getting the pressure from my family because we are from a lower middle-class family, so I had to get myself a job. Now I felt that if I want to make a career in banking, I should be doing a job related to the same.

So I joined an Institute as a Quant trainer. Then I stumbled upon TalentSprint. Whenever I got time, I used to go through the videos and learn how to teach actually, and not how to solve because I also have to do work, I also had to teach. So if I learn how to teach, then I will know very well where students will get a doubt and the same doubts of mine would also get clarified.

In 2016, SBI Clerk exam was conducted, which was called SBI Junior Associate. I got selected in my first attempt and it was my first exam. I felt very happy that day and it was the happiest moment of my life. The most important point is when you want to achieve something, you have to continuously progress towards your goal. No matter if it is a long or a short path, just do not deviate and keep moving.

The platform that TalentSprint gave me helped me achieve my goal while I was working. If I can do it, then anyone can do it. Thanks to TalentSprint, Thanks to the whole team, Thank you.”

Watch Rohit Borana share his story with you.

Master what you learn. Prepare in such a way that you learn not just to learn but educate and upskill others too. TalentSprint helped Rohit do just that and It will help you too.
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