I have failed in many attempts, I don’t think I am cut out for this bank job!
Family Constraints!
I’m not happy with my current job, but what to do, I need to work!

If these are your thoughts too, then meet our star performer Sowmya Banerjee who also experienced the same thoughts but the only difference was that He Never Gave Up.

He pushed himself and went the extra mile. The results as we all know were exceptionally outstanding. “The choice to choose from 6 bank job offers”.”

Read on to know about his struggles in life and the route he picked up to overcome all his difficulties.

“Hello, I’m Soumya Banerjee. I am from Kolkata. I completed my BE at Bardhaman University in 2013. I live with my Mother who is a Housewife and my Sister who is married. My Father worked in a Public sector bank and he passed away in 2014.

After passing from my college, I got a job in Absotherm Facility Management Private Limited. I was in operation and maintenance department. There were not many challenges available to that job and that was very stringent. At times, I had to work at a stretch for 20 – 22 hours. There was no fixed time limit in that job. My main idea in life was to get selected for public sector bank. Since, my father was suffering from chronic kidney disease, I felt that I should start earning so that I can help my father in the treatment because the treatment for dialysis patients and kidney patients is huge in India.

In 2014, when my father passed away, there was no one earning in our family and we had to rely on the interest of FD. So quitting a job that is paying you some remuneration is a very tough task in that situation. I was completely collapsed and mentally broken down, but that time my mother supported me. She was the one who told me that yes, “you should quit the job.” She said that,”I know you can do it, you didwell in the past all the examinations.”

Then I started my preparation for bank exams. I started giving examinations and initially, there were many examinations, where I couldn’t clear the cut-offs by a large margin. I tried not to feel bad and keeping that in my mind, I moved forward. As I mentioned earlier that I was working in a company, the timings of the coaching institutions were not suitable for me. At this time, online coaching institutions give you that edge or advantage of learning at your convenient time.

Before joining TalentSprint,I searched their videos on YouTube and I found some, some of their videos were very tricky, especially Rohit Sir’s videos. Quick arithmetic techniques and some multiplication division techniques, I found them very amazing. I thought that I haven’t heard or learned this kind of technique before, then I decided “yes, I should join this Institute.”

TalentSprint not only provides you online coaching but also solves your query in least amount of time. They also conduct All India Mock tests in the weekends and there is a robot called TIA that gives you an insight about your performance about what are your strong areas, which are your weak areas, where you need to focus more, so that you can you boost your score in Bank and SSC exams.

In total I believe that this is a great package to study, and also the study materials of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, GK, English and all other Current Affairs topic is excellent, but not only this, you also get yourAll India Ranking in this mock test so you know how much you are lagging behind from others and how much you need to brush up on a topic.

Earlier, I wasn’t able to clear examination and suddenly, I started to clear all the exams. Definitely, there was a transition and the main move was that initially, I was not paying much attention to GA section but later I realized that GA section is very valuable and it can fetch you very good marks in the least amount of time and apart from that you have to practice the other sections regularly to clear sectional cut-offs and total cut-offs in all the sections so you cannot loose on in any one section and focus more on other section you have to be excellent in every section but you as per your strengths and weaknesses you can strategize that in which section you will attempt more and which section you will go forsafe options or attempt less but with good accuracy so that you should get good marks above the cutoff so that you don’t rely on the interview process because you don’t know what will happen in the interview. Interview is very tricky and unpredictable. So it’s better you score more in the main examinations.

I think that if you want to succeed in this cutthroat examination, you need to be focused and you have to do everything that helps you in getting that focus on your studies. That’s why I curtailed down my friend circle and I almost isolated myself from the entire world. I focused only on my studies.

I don’t believe in a fixed time schedule or time routine because whenever I study, I see to it that I am focused. I can study at a stretch for 3-4 hours. On the days, when I don’t feel focused or I am not able to concentrate, I prefer not to study because there is no point of keeping a book open in front of you and when your mind is somewhere else. Make sure that if there are 30 days you must focus on at least 25 – 26 days minimum so that you can crack examination.

In the last few months. I got selected in six examinations. Namely, the Bank of Maharashtra PGDBF PO, Clerk RRB Assistant, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk and Indian Bank PGDBF. I finally decided to go in IBPS PO andI got selected in Punjab National Bank.I am planning to join Punjab National Bank as a PO and after hearing from me about my selection in all the examinations my mother was very happy and She was the one in tears because she was the one who backed me up every time. AnytimeI was down or depressed with my results or some other issues, she was the one who stood by me all the time. She was happy and she was Proud of saying that “Yes, her son has done something”.

I really want to thank TalentSprint from the bottom of my heart because whatever I have been able to achieve in one year is because of them, their guidance and, their best shortcut tricks and method. The faculty members in the TalentSprint team are the best faculty members in India. Hence, I am thankful to or not only to the faculty members but also the support team for solving our queries and problems in the least amount of time. In simple words, I am very much thankful to TalentSprint.”

Watch Soumya Banerjee, Probationary Officer in Punjab National Bank speak about the ups and downs of his life and shares his inspiring story of his successful journey with TalentSprint!

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail”.

Cutoffs don’t define your ability to score. Aim higher and create your own success story. TalentSprint is here to back you up.
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