If you have decided to take a competitive exam it shows that you are already ready for a challenge and a challenge makes you attempt and perform.

Keeping in mind speed and the difficulty level of the question, attempt something new, try a different strategy. Play to your strengths.

Your performance will reflect your strategies. Stay consistent in your efforts and see yourself beating your competition.

Ravi Teja sought TalentSprint to help plan his strategy. How about you?

Read his story to know what helped him beat the competition.

Hi, I am Ravi Teja. I am from Tenali. I did my B.Tech at KL University, Mechanical Engineering stream. I thought banking is a very good option because I can go directly as an officer for PO. It gives me a solid financial background and social status.

First, I decided not to take coaching and give my best. Because as an engineer, in general, engineers are pretty confident about themselves when it comes to aptitude or reasoning like that. But sometimes they don’t know how challenging bank exams can be. Because speed is a very important criteria in banking exams.

So, I thought if there is an option which helps me to study from my home. So, I kept searching for websites and I found very good reviews for TalentSprint. Then I joined TalentSprint coaching course. When I started coaching classes, the first class I went through were on Simplification and fast calculations. That video I replayed a couple of times because I wanted it to be imprinted in my brain because it should come out as a reflex actually, It does not happen unless you have a chance to hear it repeatedly and you have a chance to practice it a lot. These two parameters are very important and that helped me a lot.

After that, I followed mock tests since then and those mock tests helped me a lot. In the mock test, they provide analysis at the end and that analysis is provided in detail i.e., how are my competitors doing, they provide possible cutoffs for this. The reason I took it as a standard benchmark because TalentSprint is an online portal and a lot of people will be practising it, like, from all over India. So, it is like a sample set of your competition.

Based on the mock exams, I worked out my strategy and strategy changes with time because as time passes and as you keep practising you will know more and more about your strengths and weaknesses. The journey would not have been possible without the help of TalentSprint and I really thank TalentSprint for giving its best efforts to help me secure my dream.

Thank you.

Watch Ravi Teja share with you his journey of success.

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