Making a smart choice to attain your goal is an important task to achieve success. Read Nagarjuna Naik’s journey and see how he made smart choices to attain his goal.

“Hi! My name is Nagaraju Naik. I am from Guntur. I completed my Graduation in the year 2012 from Andhra University, Vizag. My father is a Farmer. My mother is a Homemaker. In 2012, I joined a pharmaceutical company. I was working in the Electrical Maintenance Department. In private sector, due to recommendations, some people got early promotions. Even though I worked hard, I did not get any promotions.

That’s why I decided to try to explore better opportunities. After office hours, I tried to maintain and manage time to prepare for competitive exams. I wrote 5 exams but I cleared only 2 exams up to interview level.

I felt very sad but that ignited my burning desire to get a job. Definitely, I want to get government job within a short time. It is better you take coaching, my uncle suggested, but I was unable to manage my office hours, my job and at the same time coaching. That is why I was searching for alternative opportunities for coaching. In that search, I found that TalentSprint Online Coaching Center is the best. My uncle told that “you are doing a mistake because it’s better to join a live coaching centre but instead you joined online coaching centre”. After that, I wrote SBI clerk exams with the help of TalentSprint materials and coaching classes. Finally, I got selected in SBI as a Junior Associate.

Thanks to the whole team of TalentSprint.”

Circumstances around you communicate you need to pay attention to the signals and take action. One needs direction to take action and goals to provide direction.

Ask yourself this one question.

Are your goals SMART?

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

Nagaraju Naik from Guntur was sensible in choosing what would work for him in his given circumstances; his action plans were meaningful, attainable, result based and timely.

Watch Nagarjuna Naik’s success story and accomplish your burning desires.

Will you make a SMART choice today?

Stay focused, use your time and the resources productively, and we will help you to increase your chances of achieving your GOAL.

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