How do you beat Competition?

Answer: Speed and Accuracy.

Life is a race and if you want to make a difference and be at the top you need to think and act differently.

That’s where TalentSprint comes into play assisting you with making that difference.

You get to learn techniques, analyse your performance with the help of TIA and change the way you prepare.

Speed and Accuracy are the two most important factors that will set you apart from others and this starts right from your preparation time.

Master them and you are on your way to becoming a winner.

This is Joly Goswami’s story, her journey from a Home-Maker to SBI PO.

Hey, I am Joly Goswami. I am from Assam. My hometown is Guwahati. I did my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Guwahati in a private engineering college. Then I did my M.Tech in Thermal Engineering from NIT Silchar.

I worked in a private engineering college in Guwahati. But after one point of time, I thought that this is not really what I want to do. Banking always inspired me. So after working for some time, I quit the job. It was a very tough decision, but my family supported me a lot, then I started preparing.

Initially, the first exam I gave was SBI PO 2016. That was completely self-study without any help. Just after the prelims, I knew where I lacked. I really needed serious help, then I searched online about TalentSprint and I felt like this is what I wanted. Because there was flexibility. It was according to my wish, whenever I want to study I can study. I can revise as many times the lessons and I can repeat it. So I found it helpful and I enrolled for TalentSprint.

Initially, I prepared the lessons and started giving the mock tests, the Tia report, I am not very sure about other online programs because I have not enrolled or I have not gone through any other. But I don’t know whether they provide such kind of reports and analysis after every test and exam because almost every weekend we used to have this online test and after that, we used to get these reports.

We could analyze how fast we are improving and what are the weaknesses and where we need to improve. I could increase my speed and accuracy, this helped me in cracking SBI PO.

I really like to thank TalentSprint and all its team for their excellent work and for being there with me in my preparation phase and in my journey from a homemaker to an SBI PO.”

Watch Joly Goswami share her beautiful experience with TalentSprint.

There are no heights that you can’t reach! Gather all the courage and never pull yourself back with hesitation in asking for a helping hand.

So, let us be a part of your journey and help you reach the heights of success.

Good Luck!
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