Growth happens when you widen your knowledge, experience and interest. — Niraj Jha

When it comes to exams, aptitude questions are not only restricted to Bank Exams but any competitive exam requires you to excel in aptitude, in general, be it quantitative or arithmetic, logical or reasoning or verbal.

TalentSprint believes in having just what you need not only in terms of Quantity but even more in terms of Quality when it comes to Questions on Aptitude. So, what are you waiting for?

Stop Limiting Yourself and Start Exploring!

Read Niraj Jha’s story, it mirrors this exact thought.

Hey, My name is** Niraj**. I have completed my BE in the year 2015 from Mumbai University. After that, I worked for two years in Uber in the operation’s supply. I was the head of the operation supply in Mumbai team and after working for the private job, I thought it’s time to give a push to myself. So I started preparing for the MBA entrance in parallel with the government exams as well.

So, I have been giving bank exams also. After that I gave one mock test of Symbiosis, that’s for SNAP, to see what pattern has been following. So there were 90 percent topics same in the SNAP paper and the banking exam paper. The entrance exam for most of the organizations or MBAs also follows the banking pattern only. So, as I was working I couldn’t attend physical class anywhere in the city.

If I was physically attending the classes, I wouldn’t be working and that blocks the money income. That was a big no for me. So I was searching on YouTube like Short tricks for the cube, square roots and everything, there were n number of videos which came through and I watched all of them but one video of Rohit Sir I went through i.e., Shortcut to find the Cube Roots & Square roots and I found that to be excellent. I decided to join TalentSprint just after watching one or two videos only. They cover things from the basics and they have quite good content which is more than enough to do anything, like to clear any entrance of the government or any management exams as well.

So I remember when I first gave the mock test, I received the mail from Tia. I thought there is some Tia trying to flirt with me. Well, when I opened that mail I got to know that Tia is the one who gives the actual report of the performance. So I gave mock test and I got prepared for detailed analysis of preparation like where I am lacking, where I need to focus more, what are the areas of improvement, where I am doing well, where can I do well, how I can do well and in what section, approx what topics I can do well, these were the good things.

First of all, I would like to say thanks to TalentSprint’s team. I cleared my SNAP entrance exam which is for the Symbiosis College in Pune to get into management B-school. I cleared that with the help of TalentSprint.”

Watch Niraj Jha’s inspiring story and start your preparation for Aptitude, Bank and SSC exams right away.

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